If you have ever had to move a couch past a door or consider an overall furniture disposal strategy, then you must have surely asked yourself the question “how did it even get in the the first place? ” many times the doors look so small that you have to wonder how the large couch was brought into the house. If you do not take care you will end up damaging the walls of the house just trying to get the couch in or out of the house. There are a few things that one can do to avoid and prevent this damage from occurring and some of them are.

Ask for help

The couch is large, you have just two hands with a small surface area, you definitely will not be able to do this alone and if per adventure you can, it’s not going to be without the beauty of the walls going with you. You need to get some extra hands and they must be strong too. This is not expected to be the only activity you would be carrying out as there would be other things you would need to move That would need the hands you would be asking, but even if it’s just the couch you should get people to help you. This will give you control over the whole exercise. There would be able to see to it that the walls are safe and the couch is handled with care also.

Pull out whatever can be pulled out

Can you by any means dismantle the couch. If you can, then you should. Dismantling the couch and breaking it into smaller pieces will ease the process a thousand times over. If it is also very easy to remove the door or remove the hinges of the door, then you should do that too. This will give you a larger area to work with allowing the process to be as easy as it can be. Sometimes the door can be an obstruction and limiting the angles you can try to get the couch past the door between rooms and even when you can, you might end up damaging the walls.

Try different angles

The couch might not be able to pass through the door straight up and if you try forcing it you could end up damaging the walls. You need to make sure to turn the couch to all angles you can try and think of. This is really important because this is probably how the couch was brought in the first place. You need to find that angle in which the couch passes through the door perfectly and save your self the stress of repairing the walls.

Get professionals

If you think you can’t do it or you want to save yourself the stress, then just contact professionals to do it for you. You would need people with experience and people who have experienced all parts of transferring couches between rooms. The time your inexperienced self would used to learn everything they know, could be used to do other valuable things.


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