This, of course, is not a straight forward answer. There are different factors to consider when one wants to publish a comic and since this is the case, the method of printing is very important because it doesn’t only dictate the quality of the print but the number too. There are two major types of printers and each has different kinds in them with different abilities. Here are the factors to consider before choosing the kind of printing for your comic




The number of comic books you want to print should be one of the major determinants of which printing method you should be using. You need to check the size of your market and the potential number of people who are going to be willing to buy your material. If they start getting to 500 to 1000 and more then you should know your printing method should be offset printing. Offset printing gives you a good price even when printing in very large quantities and as a matter of fact, as the quantity grows so does the price decreases.

On the other hand, if you are going to be printing in small quantities, then you should know that the printing method for you is digital printing. This kind of printing is great for small quantities and the prices are good provided you are dealing with such small quantities

Quality and Color

If you are looking to get a very good quality print as you want to show to your readers, your professionalism and good pictures, then you should be thinking offset printing. Offset printing lets you create pictures that are sharp and clear and would send the message of quality about your product. Offset printing uses a lot of colors and has the ability to mix colors perfectly giving the result as similar as what is on the screen.

Digital printing can be used if colors and print quality is not really compulsory. It gives a mediocre to very good quality and this of course still looks great when you look at it but not as good as the offset printing. One has to merge these factors and the factor above to tell which printing method to be used. One has to decide how important print quality is and how much is needed and which is more important if these factors are conflicting.



How much do you intend to sell your content? If you intend to see your comic at a high price then you can go for offset printing because it comes with all the quality and numbers you need. Offset printing gives you the liberty to set a quality price because what you are giving to the public is looking very good. Also, offset printing is not as cheap as digital printing. Digital printing should be used if one intends to sell at a low price. It is cheap provided you are printing just a small amount.


Both printing methods are great for printing your comic book, however, one should take into consideration, the above before deciding which of them to use.


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